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“Vino Argo®” the affordable way to provide argon gas for wine preservation systems

Today’s wine preservation systems have come a long way. Enthusiasts, restaurants and wine makers now have the option of removing wine from the bottle, without ever pulling the cork! This is because new technology has led to wine preservation devices that use argon gas to keep the wines from spoiling. These systems provide an advantage to the casual wine drinker – who would just like a single glass, restaurants that may not dispense the entire bottle, and winemakers who like to observe development in the bottle. “Vino Argo®” makes these systems even more affordable and is already being enjoyed by wine enthusiasts, restaurants and wine bars throughout California and Arizona.

Traditional argon cartridges available for your device dispense enough gas to serve anywhere from 10-15 glasses…then it’s time for a cartridge change…they’re tiny.

“Vino Argo®” gas dispensing systems lead to significant savings on gas…one refill can last up to a year. (depending upon use)

  • Saves Money on Preservation Gas
  • Drink Wine on Your Own Terms
  • No Frequent Cartridge Changes
  • Lower Pressure Delivery to Bottle
  • Wine Savings – You Can Keep Wine Safely in the Bottle as You Dispense As Desired – No Lost Wine Due to Oxidation

“Vino Argo®” is available for individual, personal cellar or commercial application. Commercial use can support up to 4 preservation devices at a time…using one appropriately sized cylinder of argon.

“Vino Argo®” is distributed by Analgesic Services, Inc., a leader in medical gas industry for over 30 years. Our 99.999% ultra-pure argon protects fine wines from off aromas and flavors imparted by a less pure gas. You’ll get no off aromas or impurities – protecting your high quality wines! Our focus on quality and service insure your wine preservation system will be as worry free as possible.

Vino Argo Wine Preservation

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